What is Eritrean Food? | Oakland, CA

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Whenever we find ourselves in the Bay Area, we always go to the East Bay for some Eritrean food. In the Temescal area in Oakland there are several great Eritrean restaurants. Yes, Eritrean is very similar to Ethiopian with a few subtle differences. Oakland is one of the places in the U.S. where there is a concentrated population of Eritrean people.

On this visit we went to Cafe Eritrea D’Afrique. This restaurant has been serving Eritrean/Ethopian food for three decades. Their website describes the cuisine this way: “Cafe Eritrea D’Afrique serves as an Eritrean/Ethiopian cuisine that goes back to the era of the Queen of Sheba who ruled present-day Eritrea, Ethiopian, Yemen… around 1000 BC. During that time, 3000 years ago that is, legends has it that the area was so rich in gold and spices that the Queen used it to entice King Solomon to develop a special “relationship”. Shortly after, Menelik Solomon, their son, was born in the river of Mai Bela located in present-day Asmara, Eritrea. Eritreans and Ethiopians have been using the same exotic spices that the queen used to perfect her culinary 3000 years ago.”

We highly recommend this restaurant and always remind people to patronize their local, family run, ethnic, restaurants because they are what make our cities interesting and add to the diversity of cuisine and culture. If you do not patronize these restaurants they will disappear.

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