We Had Ethiopian Food in Cary, NC

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Ethiopian cuisine in Cary, NC. Our first time ever trying it. We were surprisingly delighted at service, speed of service, presentation, and food.

Taste is different if have only ate here in United States. Food hearty. Lentils and chickpeas are your beans which were tasty.

My favorite was vegetable Sambusa, filled with lentils and spices deep fried 2 per order. 1st one wasn’t spicy second one surprised me and was which I really enjoyed the spice.

Thin dough shells stuffed with vegetables and flavored with fresh spices. Lightly deep-fried in vegetable oil to a golden perfection. (Qty – 2)(menu description)

She mentioned the meats on sampler 2 were spicy but I didn’t think so.

1 beef tasted like curry
2nd beef like paprika
Chicken leg tasted like had vinegar marinade.

She suggested:

AWAZE TIBS (menu description)
Lean beef sautéed with fresh rosemary, onions, jalapeno peppers, fresh tomatoes and garlic, sautéed in our special awaze sauce with your choice of beef or lamb. (mild to spicy)

Since this was our first time and if we were Leary of spice. We went with platter so we could sample different meats (Combination of key wot, doro wot, beef alecha).

Vegetarian combination of misir, gomen, tikil gomen, kik alcha, misir azifa, and string beans with carrots.

Website: https://www.awazecuisine.com/menu

Located right of Maynard Road in Cary, NC