The Messy Ethiopian Politics. How Did We Get Here? #OromoProtests #Ethiopia #OromoRevolution

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#OromoProtests #OromoRevolution #Ethiopia #Oromia #Oromo #Ethiopia #AbiyAhmed #JawarMohammed #Bekele Gerba #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners
The Messy Ethiopian Politics.
How Did We Get Here?
The Messy Ethiopian Politics.
How Did We Get Here?
Before Answering This Question, Let Us Give You Just Back Story of Ethiopia.
For Decades the Ethiopian Story Told to The World Has Been One Sided and At the Expense of Millions of Marginalized Nations and Nationalities in The Country. Throughout Ethiopian History All Leaders Rose Up to Power Killed, Tortured, Arrested Activists, Opposition Parties and Their Families to Silence Them.
The Ethiopia Many of Us Especially Older Generation Experienced Is Ethiopia With One Language, One Religion and One Country Approach.
If You Were to Challenge This Approach You Either End Up in Prison, Killed, Or Exiled. If You’re Okay with That or Silent About It, You Can Just Go About Your Daily Life as If Everything Is Fine.
The Problem Was Thousands of People Have Been Killed, Arrested or Exiled but That Could Not Stop the Marginalized People from Challenging the Government System.
The Government System We Are Talking About Is the So Called Neftenya System. As Scholars Defines It, Neftenya Ststem Is A System That Operates to Benefit Some on Top at The Expense of Millions of People in Ethiopia. You Can Be Oromo Or Amara Or Tigre To Be Called Neftenya. If You Are One of The Top and Your Intention or Work Is Towards Imposing One Language, One Religion, One Country on The Rest of The Nation, You Are Neftenya.
As the Result of This Ongoing Suppression, People Anger Started Building Up.
Increased Use of Social Media, And Self-Aware Youth in Oromia And Some Other Nations in Ethiopia, Resistance Started Few Years Back with The Hashtag Oromo Protests.
As Social Media and Independent Opposition Medias Become Voice for The So Long Voiceless People, The World Started Learning About the Other Untold Story of Ethiopia.
World Leader Put Sanctions on Ethiopian Government and Oromo Protests from Inside Paralyzed the Government and Forced Them Internal Reformation.
That Protests Intended to Free Oromos And Other Suppressed Nations and Nationalities in Ethiopia To Be Free on Their Land.
After Years of Protest, Resignation of The Ethiopian Prime Minster Hailemariam, And to The Rise of Young Leader Promising to Change Things Around.
In the Early Months of Abiy Ahmed’s Leadership All Political Prisoners Released and Exiled Political Leaders Were Able to Go Back Home Finally to Start Peaceful Political Process to The Then Assumed Hopefully Free and Fair Election.
Some Formerly Exiled Parties from All Ends of Political Spectrum That Is Neftenya And Federalist Joined His Government.
Even Though His Preaching of Love, Forgiveness and Importance of Synergy to Get Ethiopia To the Promised Land Was Accepted by Majority at The Beginning, It Did Not Last Long.
One of Abiy’s Failure Was and Is That He Doesn’t Have Clear Path of Guiding the Country.
He Just Wanted to Lead the Country by Evading the Past Truth. Most of Ethiopians And Stuck in The Past Event and His Inability to Recognize That and Sympathize with Them, He Chose to Turn His Back.
He Switches Sides to Please His Audience and As That Grows and Grows People Start Losing Hope in Him.
Ethiopia Is A Country with Controversial Past History. He as A Leader Supposed to Create an Environment Where People from Opposite Ends Come Together to Have Mutual Understanding About the Past and Decide About Their Future.
He Stood to Support Ethiopia He Called Great Past and Honorably Past. His Stand and Actions Offended the Oppressed Nations in Ethiopia. While Doing This, He Attracted the Neftenya System Proponents to His Side While Eliminating Federal System Proponents from His Administration, Jailing Oromo Opposition Leaders, Arresting Over 10000 Protesters and Clothing Their Medias.
As of Now, Oromo Protests Galvanized Again Determined to Remove the Neftenya System Once for All While the Neftenya System Proponents Protesting in Support of Abiy Ahmed.
Which System Is Going to Take Over and What Do We Do as Nation to Get Through This?

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