New Ethiopian Music 2021 : ካቤል ደሳለኝ Kabel Dessalegn | ሁሉም ተናጋሪ Hulum Tenagari – (Official Video)

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Ethiopian Music : ካቤል ደሳለኝ Kabel Dessalegn | ሁሉም ተናጋሪ Hulum Tenagari – New Ethiopian Music 2021

Ethiopian Music: Find your favorite songs and artists and experience the best of Ethiopian music and Music Show by Ethio One Love Entertainment.

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Ethiopia is a highly musical country, with genres spanning from Afrobeat to Reggae, Hip-hop, and R&B. From traditional and cultural events to modern concerts, music is often a key feature of life in Ethiopia. One Love Entertainment works with talented entertainers and artists, in all expertise coming together creating unique entertainment performances.

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