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**I do not support or endorse any Ethiopian Political Party or political group. I do not encourage or incite violence of any kind! I respect the rights of all people and give value for human life!! People misunderstood my efforts to side with a few tribes as if I didn’t want unity in Ethiopia. When my Oromo brothers and sisters were hurting and being ridiculed on social media, I stepped up and advocated for them. When Tegaru were also being ridiculed, and attacked, I again publicly raised my voice for them because I value their lives. Now.. I will continue to speak up for ALL tribes represented in Ethiopia. Taking sides obviously is easily misunderstood! ALL ETHIOPIAN LIVES MATTER:: I will not tolerate hateful comments that cause further divide.

I welcome opposing views and encourage peaceful dialogue. From day one, I voiced my hesitancy and distain for the divisive ethnic/tribal based politics of Ethiopia. My hope and dream is for us to establish a new form of Ethiopian government that is completely idealogical in nature and not divisive.

As a comedian I use humor to entertain, as a pastor, I preach, and as person who has learned a lot, I teach! The content may offend some, especially those who are not progressive, uninformed, and or very biased. As I frequently remind my viewers, if you are not comfortable listening raw truth as I have understood it and in the way I choose to present it…please refrain from torturing yourself and stay out this page. I also understand that our Ethiopian culture is very repressive – for the most part, individuals do not have the liberty to just be themselves. Well, I can not be placed into a mold or into a box – I’d rather be genuine & real rather than to be a fake copy.

Finally, in our culture, anytime someone says anything that goes against the grain or anytime people hear something they don’t agree with or like….they say it’s “sidib” (curse words). Some would even go further and attempt to accuse the rhetoric as “hate” speech! What a very primitive and immature way to react to content that is real, raw, entertaining and insightful! I beseech you bretheren, if you do not like the content…do not come here and bring negativity and animosity. Plenty of options for you on social media. We have read the youtube community standards, and we hold ourselves up to the standards. Comments that go against the outlined youtube standards will be retracted (especially during live sessions).

You shall know the TRUTH & the TRUTH shall set you FREE!!!!!

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