How to make easy Beef tacos 🌮 at home.#taco#simple dinner ideas. ፈጣንና ቀላል የቤተስብ እራት.

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Well come to my channel, to this video I will share with you guys how to make beef taco 🌮

1-medium onions 🧅
2-3- garlic cloves.
1- and half lbs ground beef 🥩
3- tbsp of taco seasoning ( garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, cumin, and pepper.)
1/2-tsp of beef Bouillon.(optional)
Water as needed.
Taco shell hard & soft

1- avocado
1/2 cup cheese 🧀
Some lettuce 🥬
Sauce I used sour cream and hot sauce.