Ethiopian Politics…ድራማዉ ተጀምሯል የአዞ እንባ በፖርለመንት #አረኡኡኡኡኡኡኡ 🤣🤣

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Today we discuss the recent comments by a few Ethiopian parliament members. Why all of a sudden are they choosing to speak out against the obvious crimes against humanity and lawlessness??? Why were they silent for the past three years? They are equally responsible for the chaos and mess Ethiopia is in today! They failed the people! Enjoy the show!

**I do not support or endorse any Ethiopian Political Party or political group. I do not encourage or incite violence of any kind! I respect the rights of all people and give value for human life!! I welcome opposing views and encourage peaceful dialogue. From day one, I voiced my hesitancy and distain for the divisive ethnic/tribal based politics of Ethiopia. My hope and dream is for us to establish a new form of Ethiopian government that is completely idealogical in nature and not divisive.**

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