Ethiopian MICHELIN Guide Restaurant ( Food in the East Bay )

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In this video we travel to the East Bay Area and check out “Barcote Ethiopian Restaurant” in Oakland California. Located in between Oakland and Berkeley, this restaurant serves authentic Ethiopian cuisine and has been awarded the Michelin Guide badge. Although we are experiencing a national crisis with businesses struggling to continue their craft, some food businesses like Barcote remain open to serve their community through takeout orders online, on the phone, or in line the social distancing way. The latter was our method of ordering. Big thanks to restaurant owner Mulu and her team for preparing our takeout and for showing how to eat Injera with our meal. I hope you enjoy the video. If you haven’t yet please subscribe to my channel and to be updated when I upload new videos just push the bell to be notified. Give it a thumbs up if you like the video and feel free to leave a comment. I’m open to any feedback, compliments or whatever you’d like to say. Thanks for taking the time to watch!


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