Ethiopian Election ምርጫ ወይስ ቅርጫ። በኢሓዴግ ስትላጡ መጣላቹ ግልባጩ። #እረኡኡኡኡኡኡኡ

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Any reasonable thinking individual who understands what is happening in Ethiopia right now, can easily determine that the country is not ready to conduct a fare and free election. There is war, displacements, border invasions, political figures in prison, man made famine, and economical chaos and and overall lack of trust on government establishment. Today I discuss this issue of election.

**I do not support or endorse any Ethiopian Political Party or political group. I do not encourage or incite violence of any kind! I respect the rights of all people and give value for human life!! I welcome opposing views and encourage peaceful dialogue. From day one, I voiced my hesitancy and distain for the divisive ethnic/tribal based politics of Ethiopia. My hope and dream is for us to establish a new form of Ethiopian government that is completely idealogical in nature and not divisive.**

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