Ethiopia :- የሞተ ያስነሳው ፓስተር ሲጋለጥ | የአግቢኝ ጥያቄ በ አደባባይ ውርደት | Ethiopian Comedy አብጃለው | Miki show

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welcome, Miki show አብጃለው fans and subscribers of Addis Maleda. We present to you Ethiopian comedy and comedy from around the world.
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ለመሳቅ ብቻ የሳምንቱ የTiktok እና Fb አስቂኝ ቪድዮዎች ስብስብ አብጃለው 76

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ድንግልናሽን በስንተኛው እድሜሽ አጣሽ??_ክፍል 2 | When And How Did You Lose Your Virginity? | Addis Chewata

የአግቢኝ ጥያቄ ፕራንክ_ክፍል 6_አዲስ ጨዋታ_New Ethiopian wedding proposal prank _6_Addis Chewata

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