ethiopia: የሃጫሉ የሰልክ መልክቶች ይፋ ሆኑ"ሃጫሉ ኦነግ ሽኔ ዛቻ አንድምያደርስበት ተናግሮ ነበር"

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ethio youtube merja is mostly about up to date news in Ethiopia and the reason I started this channel is that most of the channel in Ethiopia is really not that good of content on completion so I’m making content that most of Ethiopians want to see.
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But in this channel we will have videos that are made for people that want to watch comedic and also entertaining videos also we post consistently mostly 2 times a week so you won’t miss out trending events mostly in Ethiopia.

We have different classification of completion and few of them are Ethiopian comedy TikTok, Ethiopian celebrity TikTok, best of the week Ethiopian TikTok, new Ethiopian dance trends, and other related content. And these contents aren’t just made in one day they took 2 to 3 days to collect, research and editing these videos

And if you mostly want to see a celebrity and trending compilation videos of Selam Tesfaye, danayit member, Aaron myelin, Selam Tesfaye, and others subscribe and be a part of this channel.
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