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In the second episode of Official Black Wall Street’s new Black-Owned Series, we follow host Michelle Blue to Washington, D.C. where she samples delicious Ethiopian cuisine and rich coffee at Büna Coffeehouse. A small, family-owned business nestled in the country’s capital, the coffeehouse takes its name from the Amharic word for “coffee,” letting customers know they’ve found a place to enjoy Ethiopia through its well-known brews.

While other coffeehouses might offer Ethiopian coffee among a variety of others, it sits at the center of Büna. Philemon Mastewal, the child of Ethiopian immigrants and the co-founder of Büna Coffeehouse, used the “coffee culture” and coffee ceremonies of his upbringing and chose to share it with the city.

The smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee might catch your nose from the street, but that’s not the only thing that sets the coffeehouse apart. Customers can enjoy avocado toast and lox bagels, and they’ll also find that Büna Coffeehouse offers an entire Ethiopian menu to help them dive into the diverse foods and flavors of the country.

With a variety of options on their menu, owners at Büna Coffeehouse are constantly working to figure out their customers’ likes and dislikes. The implementation of Clover’s point-of-sale system has enabled Büna Coffeehouse to adapt to their customers’ needs by accepting online orders, which helps prevent hefty third-party ordering app fees. Philemon and his staff are also able to track which items are selling and which are not, allowing them to double-down on customer favorites.

In the last two years since their opening, Büna Coffeehouse has become a necessary stop in Washington, D.C. for those wanting to try authentic Ethiopian cuisine and enjoy the rich flavors of the country’s coffee. Future plans for the business include a coffee service where customers can have traditional Ethiopian coffee delivered right to their doors. Whether you live in D.C. or elsewhere, you too can enjoy a delicious brew from Büna Coffeehouse.

Visit Büna Coffeehouse: https://www.bunacoffeehouse.com/
4400 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20011


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