Easy Ethiopian pentatonic music (piano/ keyboard) lesson. by Selamawit Shiferaw Lesson No. 24

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ጨረቃ ድንብል ቦቃ አፄ ቤት ገባች አውቃ
አፄ ቤት ያሉ ሰዎች ፈተጉ ፈታተጉ
በቅርፊት አስቀመጡ
ቅርፊታዋ ብትሰበር በዋንጫ ገለበጡ
አጃ ቆሎ ገብስ ቆሎ ይችን
ትተሽ ያቺን ቶሎ

New way of learning and teaching piano for Ethiopians in any age group. The lesson is provided in Amharic, in the Ethiopian context, and uses Ethiopian Classical music . To make it easier students will learn playing music before learning the theory of music. Listening and singing are the very essential parts of this method. The piano lesson follows three simple steps,
1, Singing or reciting the rhythm phrase
2, Identifying the new note (key) on the piano keyboard
3, Combine step one and two and play the rhythm with the right finger and right position on the piano.

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