BBC Documentary About Ethiopian Music of 80's – Under African Skies (1989) Uthiopian Music

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Under African Skies: A Celebration of the New Sounds of a Continent. : Ethiopia

Aster Aweke being one of the principal contributors to the collective effort to bring African music to light, opens the sequel with her adamant declaration:
“Most people see my country as a place of famine and civil war. But there is another, more enduring side. We are a people with a long history.”

This Epic BBC documentary film series Under African Skies – A celebration of the new sounds of a continent; Covers modern Ethiopian music history from its humble beginnings in the ’70s to ’80s. Watching this historical film will help you to understand and experience the history behind the music, the roots of the music and culture through exclusive interviews, classic footage, and unforgettable performances from legendary Ethiopian biggest stars.

First Aired on TV on the BBC Two on 29 September 1989, this second episode of the documentary series “Under African Skies”, a grand project aimed at presenting the rich diversity of contemporary African music of those days and known for its unforgettable memento “A celebration of the new sounds of a continent. ” traverses the nostalgic roots and the euphoric contours of Ethiopian music of the ’80s.

Neither quite African nor Arabic, the contemporary sounds of Ethiopia draw their inspiration from powerful and ancient sources – the mesmeric singing of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; the subtle and elliptical quality of Amharic poetry; and the quick-witted satire of Ethiopia’s troubadours, the Azmaris. Ethiopia has been described as being in Africa, but not of it. Eight thousand feet up on its highland plateau, never successfully colonized, it tenaciously holds to its own ways.

The Copyright Of This Video Exclusively Belongs To the BBC. The Video Has Been Uploaded To This Channel For Educational, Or Rather Entertainment Purposes ONLY.

– Singer: Aster Aweke
– Film Cameraman: John Howarth
– Film Editor: Susan Spivey
– Executive Producer: Dennis Marks
– Producer: Richard Taylor

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እንደዛ ከሆነ ወደ ትክክለኛው ቦታ ነው የመጡት

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