Armchair Travel – Ethiopia. 🇪🇹Experiencing Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine for the 1st Time🍽️

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🌟Never to shy away from a challenge, I originally was going to try and make Injera, the Ethiopian sourdough flatbread. However, on the advice from my friend Vinnie, I decided to go to an actual Ethiopian Restaurant and try authentic Ethiopian cuisine for myself.💚💛❤️

The experience at MUYA went beyond our expectations. 🙌🙌🙌
We enjoyed a mixed-up MUYA platter, delicious Injera, and of course Authentic Ethiopian coffee.🇪🇹☕

📖🖱️There is something to be said about reading about a country’s culture and then experiencing it first hand. Mentally pre-paving for a physical manifestation of our desire. 💡I was so pleased to be able to recognize the elements of Ethiopian culture that I learned this week.

✅From the coffee ceremony,
✅Eating with our hands
✅Traditional dishes
✅And my personal Favorite, being able to practice saying thank you and hearing the appreciation and laughter in the response from our waitress. ❤️

☀️Today was a great day, and I will cherish these memories of Ethiopia until I can travel there someday and experience them all over again.

Special thank you to Muya restaurant and staff for a wonderful dining experience. 💝

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