Anteneh Worash – Tewado Yleyayal – አንተነህ ወራሽ – ተዋዶ ይለያያል – Ethiopian Music

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Anteneh Worash – Tewado Yleyayal – is a song from the album ‘Nahom Favorite Vol.32 |Zema Aman Vol.2|’ and the album produced by Nahom records.
ይህ ተዋዶ ይለያያል የተሠኘው የአንተነህ ወራሽ ሙዚቃ ናሆም ፌቨራይት ቁ.38 (ዜማ አማን ቁ.2) በተሠኘውና በናሆም ሪከርድስ ፕሮዲውስ በተደረገው አልበም ውስጥ የተካተተ ነው፡፡
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