American Couple Tries ETHIOPIAN FOOD For The FIRST TIME | Injera, Shiro, and More

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American Couple Tries ETHIOPIAN FOOD For The FIRST TIME | Injera, Doro Wat, Kitfo, Shiro, Tibs, Tej

Welcome to the 2nd video in our series where EVERY FIRDAY at 11 am EST we are going to be eating food and trying new things from Countries all around the World! Today we try, for the first time ever, Ethiopian food!!! We had the pleasure of eating some foods that you guys requested including Injera, Doro Wat, Kitfo, Shiro, Tibs, Tej! We were also able to Vlog the amazing experience at the authentic Ethiopian Restaurant while picking up the food. The owner was so nice and taught us the proper way to eat as well as giving us some fun facts about Ethiopia! While we eat we give fun facts about Ethiopia! We hope you enjoy this video, we will be visiting a new country every Friday!

Make sure you let us know in the comments what Country and specific food you want us to try next!

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