African Food Worth Trying: Ethiopian Samosa Review | Tasting Africa #4.1

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A taste test and review of the Ethiopian Lentils ‘Sambusa’ (Ehtiopian food) – an East-African samosa variant. Discover African food that are really worth the try. We’re on a mission to helping you foodies discover – in a fun way – what new foods (from Africa) to try out! Our – Trinidadian, Thai-Dutch, Surinamese, Haitian – panel will taste, rate and guess this vegetarian recipe’s country of origin.

About Tasting Africa
Interested in African cuisine? Want to try African food for the first time? Or just looking for new food ideas? Then ‘Tasting Africa’ is for you! We take popular treats from various African nations, and sit down with a variety of individuals from various cultures to taste and tell you what they think about the bites. This is Tasting Africa ep.#4.1, the first in a four-part series discovering tasty plant based and vegetarian African dishes. #Plantbased #vegetarian #africanfood

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