2020 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run 10 km – Documentary

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The Great Ethiopian Run International 10km is a flagship event held every year since 2001.

With 40,000 participants, the race has become the biggest road race in Africa. It’s been referred to as ‘the most exciting race in the world, and it attracts participants from all over the world!

In 2020, the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project began supporting GER as part of the Mile for the Egyptian Vulture campaign to lobby for bird-safe energy infrastructure in Ethiopia. The idea behind this support was to associate the extreme efforts of marathon runners with the perilous journey migratory birds undertake, in order to generate public empathy and mitigate threats along the flyway. Electrocution and collision with powerlines have been identified as major causes of mortality among birds, killing millions of individuals every year. In Ethiopia, many powerlines have dangerous designs that puts birds at risk. Every year, more than 2000 Endangered Egyptian Vultures gather in Eastern Ethiopia to roost. Consequently, the power line infrastructure in this region may have a devastating impact on their global population.

Credits: Great Ethiopian Run

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