? Ethiopian Culture: Traditional Food & Frankincense

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▪️ presentation of luban from Ethiopia during a traditional Ethiopian food known as Injera.
▪️Discover our frankincenses: https://www.alfaransi.com/incense–agarwood-18-c.asp

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⚫️ Our Vision ⚫️

▪️ We believe we have been created as peoples from different tribes and nationalities, that we may know one another. Indeed there is a scent of originality in our differences. Be proud of who you are. We believe in humanity’s capacity to spread the perfume of peace with head notes of trust and tolerance, heart notes of class and respect, base notes of knowledge and purity, with a hint of minimalism.
▪️ The perfume you wear is a reflection of who you are. We invite you to a sensory journey through time and culture. Every nation and tribe has its own culture – which opens the door to an almost infinite range of sensory combinations.
▪️We propose high quality and unique scents. We bring with our perfumes something new and different while keeping authenticity and tradition. It is an evolution…it is a revolution…