🇪🇹Tilahun Gessesse – Kome Limerkish (Reaction Video) ቆሜ ልመርቅሽ New Ethiopian Music 2021

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Tilahun Gessesse along with Teddy Afro is considered one of the main Ethiopian music legends. Both artists seem to have styles centered on paying homage to history and cultural aspects of their country. The Kome Limerkish reaction will be the first of many Tilahun Gessesse reactions.

There are also timestamps for those that want to skip some of the sections but many also like the history section so keep making suggestions on that.

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🎵 Music:
Title: Kome Limerkish | ቆሜ ልመርቅሽ
Artist: Tilahun Gessesse
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD0fA2WJdbU

🎵 Music:
Title: A Good Day On the African Planes
Artist: Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions
Genre and Mood: Happy + Cinematic MUSIC

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1:21 What do we know about Tilahun Gessesse?
2:13​ What do we know about Ethiopia?
2:43 Tilahun Gessesse Kome Limerkish reaction
10:56​ Tilahun Gessesse Kome Limerkish General comments

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