पृथ्वी पर सबसे अनोखे इंसान : Most Unique Humans on Earth? Inside Ethiopia's Omo Valley😱

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पृथ्वी पर सबसे अनोखे इंसान :- Most Unique Humans on Earth? Inside Ethiopia’s Omo Valley

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This video is really special as it showcases the lifestyle of one of the Most dangerous tribes of the World (Mursi Tribe) at the Omo Valley in South Ethiopia as go to one of their villages in Omo Valley.
Mursi tribe is one of the most isolated, richest, and dangerous tribes in Africa. The Mursi men have to fight with another Mursi Man with the help of a “Donga” and the fight continues until the other guy dies or gives up. Once the fight is over, the winner Mursi guy gets to choose the girl of his choice from the Mursi community, then the girl has to cut her lip for the guy as she puts this clay plate between her lips and then they get married. The bigger the plate, the more beautiful it is considered to be.

In the this video, I’m giving the village chief who just won his Donga fight last week some antiseptics and bandage.
Mursi people are known for killing many people including civilians and don’t usually accept anything from people not belonging to their community, but i was lucky.

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